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       Food, Snacks and Beverages

Our Full Line Vending Services
Federal Vending Services Company offers a variety of vending machine equipment that can meet your unique refreshment needs. From fresh and frozen foods to snacks and candy to cold and hot beverages, we offer a wide variety of conventional snacks as well as new healthy products.   Depending on the size of your location and the number of your employees in South Florida, our state-of-the-art vending machine equipment is installed at NO COST TO YOU.

Let us design a customized vending program for your company and you will see the service, selection and reliability

Healthy Vending
FederalVending Services Company is committed to providing healthy vending throughout South Floridaa as more and more of our clients want an alternative to chocolate bars and carbonated sodas. We are the suppliers of many healthy vending machines in the Palm Beach, Broward and Miami  county area featuring a variety of refreshment options which are low in sugar and high in nutritional value.

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